Movie outing

Reno and Miles

Having 2 kids is fun but it sure leaves no time for anything. Our house is a mess and we eat pasta and rice and beans all the time. I’m dying to come up with new recipes and have written all of my ideas down in my special recipe notebook. I did come up with a Seitan or Tempeh (your choice!) Carbonara recipe that I believe will knock your socks off. If shit doesn’t hit the fan today it’s what I’m making for dinner  just so I can see if the recipe I wrote down will make sense to you all. I’m very excited to share it! I’m very excited to eat it again also. That’s how much I love this recipe.

blueberry pancakes and sausage

Blueberry Pancakes with Field Roast Sausage

Once a week I’ve been trying to make us a nice breakfast. Usually on Sundays. This particular breakfast has been my favorite so far. My least favorite was the Chocolate Chip-Cinnamon Scones I made last weekend. I have know idea what they hell I did wrong but they came out WEIRD (i’m unfairly blaming the kids)!  We still ate them though. I might have left them out all day and overnight on purpose just so I wouldn’t have to eat them again the next day. (sorry husband) :)

I hope you all have had/are still having a wonderful Holiday, whichever ones you do celebrate. Reno is off of school this week and asks every morning if she goes back to “school today”. When I say “no” she gets upset and I have to explain again and again why she’s off for 11 days. I hope she stays like this for all of her school career! I hated school and never wanted to be there so having her upset that there isn’t school is a dream!

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