Baked Ratatouille

Pre-Baked Ratatouille

Pre-Baked Ratatouille 

A few weeks ago my friend VeggieGirl  posted a recipe for Baked Ratatouille. I knew right away that I needed to make this recipe for myself. The recipe calls for cannellini beans, eggplant, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and zucchini. I’ll admit in the past I have not been too fond of eggplant. My husband loves it so I’ve been giving it a shot this summer and even growing it in my garden. I thought this would be the perfect recipe to “hide” the eggplant in. I didn’t get to use the eggplant I grew myself but I fortunately received some Sicilian Eggplant from the food co-op I belong to.

I made a few very minor changes to VeggieGirl’s recipe. First I used regular potatoes in place of the sweet potatoes because I had some that needed to be used. I also didn’t have the herbs de provence the recipe calls for. I subbed it with dried thyme and basil. I also used a bit more broth then called for but that’s just something I tend to do. It will work perfectly with the amount of broth called for in the recipe.


Baked Ratatouille with Tomato and Garlic Crouton Salad

The dish was very easy to put together after slicing up all the vegetables. I sliced them all by hand but next time I will dig out my mandolin to make it easier and much quicker.

I invited my parents up for dinner since the recipe didn’t contain any “weird fake stuff”. They enjoyed it immensely as did my husband. My father said it was “a keeper” which means he thought it was awesome. I really liked the eggplant cooked in something like this and I look forward to making this recipe again. I think it would be a nice main dish or even a side dish for a holiday meal with possibly more seasonally appropriate vegetables added to it.  I made my Tomato and Garlic Crouton Salad as a side dish. We received so many tomatoes from the co-op plus what has been growing in the garden I just had to use them up!

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2 Comments on Baked Ratatouille

  1. GetSkinnyGoVegan
    September 17, 2012 at 9:59 AM (8 years ago)

    The before photo is amazing!!!!! Such organization!

  2. Dianne @ Veggiegirl
    September 17, 2012 at 11:13 AM (8 years ago)

    I’m glad your family liked the recipe!! Your photo is beautiful – so nice and colorful!