School Lunch

Thursday’s Lunch

Somehow my daughter is old enough to start Kindergarten. I have no idea how that happened! This means I’ll be packing her a lunch everyday for school. My plan is to post about her weeks worth of lunches every Friday. I’m hoping to inspire other parents to pack a lunch for their child (have you ever looked up the hashtag #schoollunch on instagram? Its scary what kids are served). I’m also hoping by keeping a record it will inspire me and my daughter to make and try new things. We purchased an awesome lunch box called a Planet Box. I’ll write a review of it once we’ve used it for awhile. The best thing about the Planet Box is that my daughter will pretty much eat everything that is packed in it. Occasionally a cookie might be left. So welcome to what I hope will be a regular weekly post!

THURSDAY’S LUNCH: Hummus Sandwich, Organic Strawberries, leftover Dry Sauteed String Beans from Veggie Heaven, 2 365 Sandwich Cookies. Thermos of water. Snack (not pictured) Pretzels and more water.

I knew she would choose a Hummus Sandwich for her first day of lunch. She is obsessed with hummus. The big surprise was her asking if she could take the leftover string beans from our dinner at Veggie Heaven. We asked her to try one while we were eating in the restaurant and she refused, then she tried one and said it was “icky” and made an assortment of faces. A few minutes later my husband stepped outside for a few minutes with our son and she ate another one and said she really did like them and she wanted to save the rest for lunch. How could I say no? The kid wants to pack a vegetable for her first day of school lunch! Everything was eaten except one of the cookies. She ate that on the walk home from school.


Friday’s Lunch

FRIDAY’S LUNCH:  Rice and Beans with hidden zucchini and carrots, Organic Strawberries, Annie’s Bunny Graham’s, Annie’s “squishy” Bunnies. Thermos of water. Snack (not pictured):  pretzels and more water.

We used up some of our leftover dinner of rice and beans and for a treat I opened up a small pouch of “squishy” bunnies which she loves. There is quite a bit of sweet in this lunch but the beans have a big serving of veggies in it.

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