Our First Gluten Free Breakfast

Breakfast: Gluten-free blueberry and choc chip pancakes for my bellyaching daughter. #vegan

Blueberry and Chocolate Chip Pancakes 

I mentioned in my last post that we are having Reno go Gluten Free for a bit to see if it helps with her bellyaches. So far it has. In the meantime I have to completely change the way I cook and bake for us. I dropped her off at school the other day and Miles and I headed to the grocery store to see what we could fine. She really wanted pancakes so I picked up a box of Cherrybrook Kitchens gluten free pancake and waffle mix.  When I took that mix out I was surprised at how powdery the mix was and by how sweet it smelled. I was nervous about how they would come out. After mixing it up according to directions I made a one pancake as a test with some chocolate chips added to it.  To my surprise it was actually good! Really good! I cooked up the rest adding blueberries and more chocolate chips and we smeared them with some Earth Balance and Maple Syrup. It was quite a lovely breakfast!

Some friends commented on the above picture when I posted it on facebook and said how fluffy they looked and how they heard it’s hard to get gluten free pancakes to be fluffy. These were quite fluffy. The directions say to let the batter sit for 5 minutes. After those 5 minutes the batter definitely puffed up. Now I’ll admit I didn’t read where it said to let it sit for 5 minutes. I just happened to let it sit for 5 minutes by chance because I had to tend to the kids. Lucky me that it worked out!

5 thoughts on “Our First Gluten Free Breakfast

  1. MeShell

    They do look amazingly fluffy. I haven’t had much luck with gluten-free baking at home, but I’ve never had a particularly good reason to make it happen (like you do!)

    1. JENNA Post author

      Try it out. I’ve been really surprised at how easy it’s been for us. I’ve found gluten free bread that she likes and our dinners have pretty much been the same as always with slight changes that no one even really notices. The only minor issue is that she is now hungry all the time. That’s a bit hard. :)

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