Vida Vegan Con Food Day 2

Breakfast #vvc2013

Junior’s Cafe

The first day of VVC didn’t really start until 11:30. Dianne and I made breakfast plans with our local friend Julie so we headed to the museum bright and early at 9 am to register and pick up our giant swag bag. After stashing it back at the hotel Julie drove us to Junior’s cafe for breakfast. Junior’s isn’t a vegan only food restaurant but they have a lot of vegan options.

French Toast at Juniors.

French Toast 

I ordered the vegan french toast mainly because I’ve never ordered vegan french toast before in a restaurant! It was really good. It had subtle hints of orange in it which is how I make it at home. Dianne and Julie each ordered a different tofu scramble. They were beautiful looking scrambles! You can see photo’s of them on Dianne’s post about what she ate in portland on VeggieGirl.

An hour before the classes started the Exhibitor’s Hall opened for a New Product Spotlight. We definitely wanted to check that out so we headed back to the Portland Art Museum to officially start Day 1 of VVC!

Soy Latte at Sweet Pea. #vvc2013

one of the best soy latte’s I’ve ever had

After an amazing first day of classes Julie again picked us up to head over to some post first day events at the Vegan Mini Mall. Things were pretty crazy there and it was packed with people so Julie and I headed into a somewhat quiet Sweetpea Bakery for a Latte while Dianne and our friend Jen were braving the crowds at Food Fight. I was starving and was wishing I didn’t eat a sweet breakfast that morning, although it was worth it. We knew that Hungry Tiger Too was a few blocks away from the Vegan Mini Mall so we headed there before everyone else did.

Seitan's Cheesesteak at Hungry Tiger Too! #vvc2013 #vegan #pdx

Seitan’s Cheesesteak

Hungry Tiger Too, like Juniors, isn’t a vegan only restaurant. What’s unique about this place though is one side of the menu is omni and when you flip it over it’s the same omni menu just vegan. It’s great and I would love it if NJ restaurants would do the same!

After coming to the conclusion that the cheese sauce on the seitan cheesteak was homemade I jumped at the chance to order it! I’ve talked about it before but I dislike most processed vegan store bought cheeses and I hate when restaurants use them. So this was exciting for me! The cheesesteak was also delicious. I ate more then I should have but when will I be able to order something like this again?!

The food on our 2nd day in Portland was amazing and I knew what was in store for us our 3rd day in Portland…namely a Breakfast Showcase featuring some of Portland’s best restaurants and bakeries! All of that in my next post!

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  1. Erin
    June 11, 2013 at 6:43 AM (5 years ago)

    Wow everything looks and sounds SO delicious!!! Wish I had a Junior’s in my neck of the woods. I could seriously eat at least 4 pieces of that french toast right now, haven’t had that in years!!


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