Vida Vegan Con Food Day 4

Breakfast Bowl at #vvc2013 #vegan #pdx

VVC Breakfast

Vida Vegan Con started bright and early Sunday morning with a breakfast sponsored by Attune Foods. Much like the build a bowl lunch the day before we all lined up and filled our bowls with great foods. I chose a Bob’s Red Mill GF hot cereal, roasted potatoes with peppers and onions, coconut chia pudding (my first time having a chia pudding!), corn flakes, nooch, hemp hearts, dried mango, strawberries and a smear of peanut butter. I wish I could have breakfast options like this everyday!

Lunch! #vvc2013

The Sandwich Board

Lunch at the conference was a make your own sandwich buffet sponsored by Nasoya. I made my self a raw lettuce wrap and a regular sandwich. The raw lettuce wrap had walnut meat, nooch, hemp hearts and a forgotten dressing. The sandwich had mustard herb tofu, Utpon’s Naturals Bacon Seitan, Nayonaise, grilled summer veggies and salad greens.

After a few more classes in the afternoon VVC2013 was officially over! I was sad and exhausted and believe it or not, after eating all the conference food, hungry.

I love this place!

Sizzle Pie

For our last meal in Portland, myself, Dianne and Jenn from the blogs Vegbooks & Starflower Vegan walked over to Sizzle Pie for some pizza.

Sizzle Pie!!! #vegan #pdx

We ordered a large pizza with spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, pesto and tofu ricotta. It was a great pizza and I loved the crust. I can’t wait to visit Sizzle Pie some day in the future and try more of their pizza’s. They have so many vegan options.

Eating vegan in Portland, as expected, was incredibly easy. Most of the cafe’s/restaurants I went to weren’t fully vegan and they all had a very large selection of vegan dishes. There were also so many restaurants I wanted to try but didn’t get a chance to. We had hoped to go to Portobello on Sunday night but unfortunately found out they were closed Sunday nights. I also wish I had a chance to eat at Blossoming Lotus and some of the many food carts Portland has to offer like Native Bowl owned by Julie Hasson and her husband  and also Homegrown Smoker. Next time Portland! Next time!

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