VeganMoFo Post 4

Reno's Lunch: mini pesto and cheese pizzas, dried apricots, pretzels, grapes, choc cov pretzel. #vegan

Pizza Lunch

My wrestling match last night with an uncooperative pizza dough was my daughters gain for lunch today. I don’t know what was going on with me and that dough that was meant for dinner last night but it did not want to stretch at all! I was able to rip off small pieces of it and shape it semi properly but that wouldn’t have worked out for us with dinner last night. So I made 4 approx 4 inch pizza’s for Reno’s lunch! Topped them with a nut free pesto and finely grated some Follow Your Heart vegan mozzarella cheese. I have to say that cheese ain’t 1/2 bad. As you know I don’t like Daiya so I bought some of the Follow Your Heart cheese for Reno’s birthday party where I made pizza’s. It was very well received by Daiya dislikers!

I packed 2 of the 4 pizza’s for todays lunch with some grapes, more dried apricots, pretzels and 1 not 2 chocolate chocolate covered pretzels. Not shown is a reusable bottle of water.

Some news on my end. If you happen to be going to the Bethlehem VegFest in PA tomorrow me and Dianne over at VeggieGirl will be doing a cooking demo together. We will be making seitan or tempeh tacos with a chipotle aioli. Samples will be available. Come up and say hi to us!

3 thoughts on “VeganMoFo Post 4

  1. Amey

    that mini pizza is super cute! i’m sure your daughter will be stoked to have mini pizzas for lunch, even if you didn’t get to make a big pizza for dinner. I hope the cooking demo goes well!


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