Things we’ve eaten:

Dinner: roasted veg and spinach basil pesto sandwiches. #vegan #whatveganseat

Roasted Veg and Pesto Sandwich

These were a hit at my sisters birthday party! Roasted zucchini, red peppers and red onions with a spinach basil pesto. I see this being a summer staple.

Just a big ol' plate of fried gluten! #vegan #GLUTEN

Big plate of fried gluten!

I could eat this everyday. Its a good thing for my health that it’s a once in awhile treat.

Simit for breakfast


Have you tried a Simit yet? There is a place down the street from the restaurant I work in called The Simit House and their Simit’s are delicious. I love that they are “the bagels grandfather”. We all know how much I love bagels!

Dinner: chicken style seitan w. string beans (I was in the mood for homemade greasy Chinese!) #vegan

Chicken Style Seitan and String BeansĀ 

A Chinese takeout favorite of mine when I was a meat eating youth. Happy to have made a pretty good vegan copy of it. Homemade, greasy, chinese take out perfection.

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