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Beach House Eats

Beach house lunch: toasted Italian bread w. tomato, rosemary and cashew spread w. a sliced nectarine. #vegan


We vacation in Ocean Grove, NJ every year. Every year it gets easier and easier to be vegan down there. From Porta and Mogo in Asbury Park which is just a short boardwalk walk North or Kaya’s Kitchen in Belmar just a short car ride 2-3 towns South. It used to be that I would have to bring a ton of food with me. I’d have to pack a cooler. With 2 kids now I don’t have room for a cooler anymore besides a small frozen lunch bag thing that I bought awhile ago. I ended bringing down: Earth Balance and a cashew spread that I made. So I appreciate the vegan options that are popping up all over the Jersey Shore. Here are a few of the eats from down there. I’ll have a separate post about Kaya’s and the Cinnamon Snail coming later in the week or two.

My mother in law would toast some bread with tomatoes, herbs and cheese for everyone. I asked that the cheese not be added to mine and I topped mine with a cashew spread I made the day before we left and brought down with us. That spread came in handy while I was down there! I was glad I brought it! It’s cashews, garlic, lemon, water, salt and pepper blended in the Vitamix.

Beach House Snack: #vegan #glutenfree peanut butter cookies from The Barbaric Bean in Ocean Grove.


Local Ocean Grove coffee house The Barbaric Bean offers soy or almond milk for their coffee drinks and had a gluten free vegan peanut butter cookie. I’ll admit that I wasn’t to excited for these cookies when I saw them. I wanted to try them anyway and I was glad I did. They were really good!  I hope they have them next time we are there. Pre-vegan I LOVED the scones at The Barbaric Bean. They were the best I ever had. I wish they would consider making vegan versions of them.

Beach House Breakfast: seitan tart from the Cinnamon Snail! #vegan @veganlunchtruck


On Sunday’s the Cinnamon Snail is in Red Bank, NJ at the Farmers Market. I brought back a large box of treats and two of these savory seitan mustard cashew tarts. Peter and I each had one for breakfast later in the week. They are one of my favorite things that the Cinnamon Snail has to offer.

Beach House Breakfast: bagel, EB and nooch. Homemade cold brew coffee w. almond milk. #vegan

Bagel Breakfast

We all know my obsession with bagels. Especially bagels with Earth Balance and nooch. This part of NJ isn’t known for there bagels like the part of NJ that I live in. I found some decent looking ones at a bakery in town and they didn’t disappoint! Me and kids were happy that I remembered to bring some Nooch down with us.

The Iced Coffee in some of the pictures was beach house homemade. I brought down my large french press and made some cold brew coffee with some almond milk that my mother in law picked up at a grocery store down there. I bring that french press on all our vacations.

Porta, Asbury Park NJ

uploadDoor’s outside of Porta
The vacation of repeating restaurants.Outside eating area
That one time I asked a fancy pizza place what they meant by "vegan Parmesan" and the waitress said "oh it's just nutritional yeast." My eyes bugged out a bit and I ordered the pizza sans soy cheese. #vegan #porto #asburyparkRita and Mark sans vegan mozzarella 
Asbury Park, NJcrossing over the bridge to Asbury Park
Oh s'Miles!

wearing his Nonna’s glasses 


Porta is a pizza/pasta restaurant in Asbury Park, NJ. Per their own FAQ’s they are a “Contemporary, local, sustainable, Italian, American, everyman slow food” type of place. Per my own summary of the place “they are awesome”.

We just got home from our annual beach vacation in Ocean Grove, NJ which is the next town over, south, of Asbury Park. We ate at Porta one of our first nights in town at the suggestion of my brother in law. When we arrived at Porta it was PACKED and very loud. They have seating outside in an area that they call Porta National Park which is first come first serve and more casual. We were lucky enough to find a table out there right away and it worked out better for the kids. It was completely cool if they wandered around and played with the pebble floor.

I was very excited to see not 1 but 2 vegan main courses on their menu. 1 pizza and 1 pasta dish. The pasta dish, Vegan Succotash, is made with baby penne pasta, corn, green beans, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, white beans and basil. The pizza dish is called Rita & Mark and is topped with tomatoes, vegan mozzarella, vegan parmigiano, garlic, dried oregano, basil and extra virgin olive oil.

I ordered the pizza BOTH times we ate there that week. I asked that they not put the vegan mozzarella on. It was soy based which means it wasn’t Daiya but I still didn’t want it. When I asked what the vegan parmigiano was the waitress said “Oh it’s just nutritional yeast.” I nearly fell off the bench I was sitting on! THEY HAD NOOCH! I’m pretty sure the waitress thought I was nuts with how excited I was over the nutritional yeast. The pizza’s came and I wasn’t disappointed at all. It was delicious and exactly how I wanted it to be. Even Reno was going crazy over it. I just ordered the kids a tomato pie, no cheese, which they loved but she kept looking at mine and saying how good it smelled. I shared a few slices with her. When we went back for a second time I ordered 2 of the vegan pizza’s sans vegan mozzarella. One for me and one for the kids. (The pizza’s are personal size BTW.)

My only regret is not trying the pasta dish the second time we went. I’ll definitely be ordering it the next time we eat there.


Korean Taco’s from Mogo



MOGO is the Korean translation for EAT. MOGO is also a food stand on the Asbury Park boardwalk in NJ that sells Korean Fusion Tacos. Its made out of an old shipping container which is pretty cool. A food truck without wheels.  I first noticed it last year and unfortunately was never able to order from them. The timing was never right. Then Hurricane Sandy hit and I was nervous that I would never get to eat there. A month or so ago we took a trip to the boardwalk to walk around and I was happy to see people working hard to get MOGO reopened for the summer season! I knew I would be eating their Tofu Taco the next time I was down there no matter what!

My family headed down to Ocean Grove for an early evening beach visit this past Saturday where we swam, dug holes in the sand and found some sea treasures (3 sand dollars!) Then we headed to the Asbury Park boardwalk, which is connected to Ocean Grove, and headed straight to MOGO.  mogo tofu tacos

Tofu Taco

When I first noticed MOGO last year I saw that they offered Tofu Taco’s. I emailed them and they promptly replied assuring me that their tofu taco’s are in fact vegan. My husband and I each ordered 2 of them. The year long wait to finally try them was worth it. The soy glaze on the fried tofu was incredible. My husband could not stop talking about how good the sauce was. I was a big fan of the soy-sesame slaw that topped it off. Every flavor put into this taco was perfect. They weren’t spicy, which was nice. You can add some spicy sauce to it yourself which we did. You can also order that it be topped with kimchi and I’m forgetting what else (!) to spice it up even more.


It was truly the perfect summertime boardwalk food. We will be on vacation in a few weeks in Ocean Grove, the next town over, and we will definitely be hitting up MOGO a few times while we are there.  Love you MOGO!

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