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Random Eats

Dinner from bottom to top: spinach, mashed potatoes, BBQ pinto bean burger, caramelized onions, BBQ sauce! #vegan #whatveganseat

BBQ Pinto Bean Burger

Whenever I check to see what people are searching for to get to my blog it is usually for a Pinto Bean Burger. It’s definitely one of my top recipes. With that its one of my recipes that I don’t make that often which is dumb because of how simple it is. I had a hankering for a veggie burger the other week so I threw this recipe together in no time. We didn’t have any type of rolls, baguettes, etc in the house so I served it over raw baby spinach, mashed potatoes and caramelized onions. It was then topped with some BBQ Sauce.  Comfort food at it’s best!

Received my @vegancuts order of Obsessive Confection Disorder chocolates.  #vegan

OCD Sampler Pack

A few weeks ago VeganCuts had a sampler pack from Obsessive Confection Disorder. I ordered it immediately! I’ve always wanted to try these chocolates and I’m so glad I did. There were 2 pieces of each confection so it was perfect to share with my husband. I had a hard time deciding which was my favorite. Everyone I tried was my new favorite. Now that we have eaten all of them I can say that I love all of them but I would probably order the OCD Sweet Stix above all others and maybe the Vanilla Bean Caramels next.

Lunch: peanut salad. Mesclun, radish, cucumber, pepper, peanuts, peanut vinaigrette  #vegan #veganfoodshare

Food Co-op Salad

We get organic produce every two weeks and lately it has been loaded with all sorts of salad greens. One week had about 5 different ones in it. I had to make a large salad for lunch that day because there was no way I could store all the greens. It was insane.

Vegan cupcakes at a school bake sale!! (Not mine)

Vegan Cupcakes

We held a bake sale at school for my daughters kindergarten class to raise funds for their end of year picnic. One of the moms made vegan cupakes! That’s right VEGAN CUPCAKES at a school bake sale! There were amazing. The best part was standing outside after school and seeing parents walk out with them saying how great they were most likely not knowing that they were vegan.

Recent events and holidays

Miles's BDay Party Dessert. Vegan Brownie Sundae Bar!

Brownie Sundae’s 

We have had lots of celebrating going on lately. Miles birthday, Reno’s summertime birthday celebration at school, Fathers Day..BBQ’s..etc…I’ve been baking a lot of desserts for all these events. First up was my son’s 2nd birthday. We packed our backyard with family and friends. I was originally going to make cupcakes and then quickly realized I’d have to make 4 dozen of them. Then realized that most of the time the kids just lick off the frosting and leave the cupcake behind. I didn’t want that experience! I decided to make a double batch of my Double Chocolate Brownies and then got the idea to make a Brownie Ice Cream Sundae bar. My sister was kind enough to stop at the store and pick us up some vegan ice creams. It was hugely popular and I’ve decided to do this for all hot weather parties.  Since this was a last minute idea all there was were my brownies, ice cream and berries. Next time I’ll have other toppings and whipped cream available.

#vegan vanilla vanilla cupcakes for Reno's summer birthday treat at school today!

Vanilla Vanilla Cupcakes

For my daughters summertime birthday celebration at school I made 2 dozen Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. I love this recipe and it alway’s goes over well with kids and parents because the cake isn’t too sickening sweet. I piped the buttercream on top after it was in the carry case to make less of a mess and was lucky to find some hot pink sprinkles in the spice cabinet. According to my daughter a few of her friends wanted seconds, some kids didn’t want them at all and I’m sure some just licked the frosting. C’est la vie.

For the daughter ate 3 of them.

Double Dare Peanut Butter Cake from Nut Butter Universe! Review on the blog tomorrow. #vegan

Double Dare Peanut Butter Cake

Peter’s cousin was kind enough to invite the whole family over for a BBQ last weekend. She saw the peanut butter cake I made from Robin Robertson’s Nut Butter Universe book and asked if I would make it for her party. I jumped at the chance to make it again. Its so easy and everyone loved it the first time I made it. The pic above is the same as in the review post. I was so embarrassed with how the second cake looked! The piping bag dropped on the cake and the piped border started melting…it was hot mess but it was still delicious. His whole family really enjoyed it though and they thought it looked nice. I’m sure I’ll be making this cake again soon.

Fathers Day BBQ!

Father’s Day BBQ

Our last celebration was Father’s Day and I again made my brownies. Instead of talking about them I’ll show you our feast. My sister made some of the best grilled vegetables I’ve ever had. She didn’t do anything special with them at all and they were amazing! My mom was kind enough to set aside some macaroni salad and potato salad before she put mayo on them. I was then able to add some vegan mayo and enjoy the salads along with everyone else. (she even put the macaroni salad aside before she added peas to it! she knows me well!) My mom’s famous doctored baked beans were served also. You can find a recipe for the baked beans right here on the site.

We have many other events and holidays to celebrate over the summer months..I’ll be very busy baking for them!

Easter Dinner


BBQ Seitan Ribs and Garlicky Kale Platter

I realize Easter was weeks ago but I still want to share my dinner with you all. I’ve always wanted to spend a holiday home alone with just Peter and Reno and this year we got a chance but not for good reasons since a family member was really ill and I’ll spare you the rest of the details. It wasn’t my ideal holiday home alone but I was able to eat my ideal holiday meal.

Reno and I had made some seitan a few days before Easter so I sliced them up into “ribs” and marinated them in Annies Smokey Maple BBQ Sauce…gosh that stuff is delicious. I seriously never want to be without a jar of it in my pantry. After it marinated for an hour or two I heated up a grill pan with some olive oil and simply grilled the pieces of seitan a few minutes on each side. While that was happening I sauteed some kale with a ton of garlic. That was it for me as far as cooking. Luckily though my Maa, who lives below us, was cooking some food to take over to a family friends house that they were spending Easter with and she offered up some of the goods which happen to be my all time favorite side dishes of hers.


My Maa’s Stuffed Mushrooms and Potato Gratin

These mushrooms taste like little bites of magic. I love them so. Her Potato Gratin is so comforting and homey. They are absolutely the perfect side dishes to any holiday meal and are both easily veganized by using some Earth Balance instead of regular dairy butter.


My plate full of Easter goodness

I’m happy to report that Reno, now 3 1/2, ate a ton of the seitan and kale but refused the mushrooms and potatoes. At least she ate the kale which she claims to love. Peter and I ate more then our fair share of the meal and was happy and sad that there were no leftovers what-so-ever.

Writing this post makes me wish I was eating this for dinner tonight. But that won’t be happening since I am now 40 weeks plus 3 days pregnant! I’m happy enough to serve us Rice and Beans for dinner these days. :) Please send me go into labor vibes! I want this baby out! As you can see in the pic below my belly is beyond stretched to it’s limit.

1 week 2 days til due date