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Weirdly Delicious

English Muffin with Peanut Butter and Sausage

I believe that you will either love this or hate this. I happen to love it. A few weeks ago I was craving a biscuit with sausage. Not having any biscuits nor the time to make them I asked my downstairs neighbors (my parents) for an English Muffin. As I was toasting the muffin and frying up some frozen vegan sausages (homemade would be better) all I could think about was peanut butter. One of my favorite things ever as a kid was a warm English Muffin smothered with peanut butter that would melt and ooze all over the plate. This in turn got me wondering what my English Muffin and Sausage Sandwich would taste like with peanut butter on it. I didn’t hesitate at all, added the peanut butter and the rest is history. I eat this all the time now. It is weirdly delicious and I think everyone should at least try it once in their lifetime.

Veggie Heaven, Montclair New Jersey

Roast “Pork” Lo Mein from Veggie Heaven

You know what sucks? Moving. You know what doesn’t suck? Lunch at Veggie Heaven in Montclair NJ. Its one of our favorite places to go. Why? One..because it’s really the only all veg place we got. Two..Reno loves their “Chicken” Nuggets. Three…the staff loves our child and it’s cool if she runs around like the mad women that she is.

I get obsessed with certain dishes there and will only order that for months and months then switch to something else. Their Roast “Pork” Lo Mein is something I always switch back to here and there on a regular basis. I love the noodles, I love the “pork” and I love the big chunks of scallions. I could do without the cabbage but I put up with it anyway.

“Chicken” Nuggets

The one thing I can count on her always eating at a restaurant are these damn “chicken” nuggets. They are fabulous! They come with a nice spicy-ish sauce that we keep away from her. She dipped once into it and it wasn’t a fun time. Its hard for Peter and I not to steal to many of these from her.

Spring Rolls

Better then the frozen ones I keep in my freezer.

Scallion Pancakes

Our one true love. I don’t think there has ever been a time where we haven’t ordered these. We use to order 1 for each of us. Now we split one and order the above spring rolls or something smaller (usually).

Homemade Greasy Chinese!!

Tofu w. Carrots in a Maple-Hoisin Sauce over Jasmine Rice and Spring Rolls

I love greasy Chinese food. I was just complaining to Peter last night that we don’t have a good local take out place near by. All the good places are a driving distance away and by the time you get it back to your home its just not as good. So when the mood strikes I just have to make my own, which is just fine with me.

This is a work in progress. I’ve been having trouble breading things for awhile now. I use to be a great breader. Now not so much and I’m not sure why. I’d like to blame in on Reno since all my brain power goes to her during the day that when nighttime comes I’m not as smart and I miss a step. Could be?

Anyway for this I pressed some extra firm tofu and “tried” to coat it with panko, herbs and chickpea flour. While it was frying up it didn’t all stick to the tofu like it usually does. Whatever. The only veg I had in the house were carrots so I thinly sliced them and threw em on in towards the end of cooking. I like my veggies cooked but still crisp. Once they are soft I’m not interested anymore. For a sauce I made my Maple-Hoisin Marinade and poured it on right at the end of cooking and tossed to cover. Then served over Jasmine White Rice and store bought Vegetable Spring Rolls.

Now I know I was just complaining that I’ve become a bad “breader” but my favorite part of this dish was the fried up pieces of panko that were running loose and wild throughout the meal. It gave a nice crunch here and there and made my mouth very happy.

About the Spring Rolls. I ALWAYS have frozen dumplings and spring rolls in my freezer (home made or store bought) It’s easy to heat up a few during the making of dinner and it adds a little something special to the meal like it would if you were actually eating out at your favorite Chinese Restaurant.

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